XXX Co., Ltd., is a focus in lighting field of energy-saving high-tech lighting company, located in the north of Kaifu District of Changsha, Changsha Jinxia Economic Development Zone, park in Beijing Guangzhou railway runs through the north and south, Shi Long Railway connection, Beijing Zhuhai high speed, long often expressway, 107 State Road, state Road 319 intersection in the, Newport Changsha Jiang Dahai, Changsha Huanghua International Airport from the only 20 minutes by car, and domestic and foreign large cities are closely linked. The company specializes in l... 【more】
  • {f.InfoTitle} The lack of standards has hindered the development of the road lighting business 2015-10-19

    In recent years, the rapid development of electric lighting, lighting companies conform to the trend, from the traditional enterprises to enter the electricity supplier. Henan Province Lei Shuo Lighting Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. chief engineer Qin Haibo said: "lighting electricity compared to 2012, 2013 years of development more rapidly. Lamps and lanterns category has become Taobao J...

  • {f.InfoTitle} The innovation of the profit mode of lamps and lanterns 2015-10-19

    And in close combat battlefield combat, as shied away from looking for a new way, profit model innovation become current dealer business transformation of an important topic. What is the profit pattern innovation? In short a little story: in the middle of the 19th century, in the United States California discovery of gold. Many people flock to this gold, which includes a 17 year old small farme...

  • {f.InfoTitle} LED lighting "marketing innovation" 2015-10-19

    Time Asia exhibition, visited some enterprises, except in practice focus on products and technology, out of interest, more is to "investigations" in the role, with a number of enterprises at all levels of the business personnel exchanges the marketing level, such as channel model, policy, marketing, promotion, display and marketing assistance measures. But unfortunately, the major...

  • {f.InfoTitle} In recent years, the lighting industry is more popular marketing concept 2015-10-19

    Concept: the overall home lighting The so-called overall home lighting is lighting businesses for consumers to provide from the living room, dining room, bedroom, study and kitchen, toilet and balcony, corridor lighting scheme, provide health sciences, energy saving forefront of lighting design and planning. Of course, in this regard a number of lamps and lanterns brands have made it clear ...

  • {f.InfoTitle} Lighting industry celebrity endorsement 7 major deletions 2015-10-19

    The development of China's lighting industry began in the reform and opening up 30 years, recalled the reform surging waves of 30 years, after the 1979 and 1989, the source state monopoly for purchase and marketing, lamps and lanterns quotas "indistinction between the functions of the, under the planned economy system, the development of" child care market + parents push "per...

  • {f.InfoTitle} A company to lower the price of LED lamps to seize the Taiwan Market 2015-10-19

    A company in Taiwan claims that the company has launched the "low price" model in Taiwan, and the retail price of different types of LED lamps are from 2499 New Taiwan dollars (about US $76.90), NT $1500 and NT $1499 to NT $899 and NT $799. A company said that the sale will increase PHILPS LED table lamp in the Taiwan market share, is expected to reach 400000 to 500000, the market...

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